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Good Art

Good Art Leather Snap Key Ring w/ Sterling Clip 11 - Tan


To purchase this item in gold, with diamonds (or other stones), or in a size you don’t see listed please email

The clip on this piece puts a smile on our faces. The action on it combined with the fact that the rosette design rotates with the press of the clip opening is design at its finest.
The leather snap can be used to attach to other key rings or to attach to the front belt loop of a pair of jeans for those that put their keys in their front pocket (for quick access and security).

  • 100% 925 Sterling Silver w/ Brass Ring
  • Sterling Silver Rosette Button
  • Sterling Silver Good Art Branded Reverse Button
  • Wicket & Craig Cowhide
  • Original Design Spring Loaded Sterling Silver Clip Clip
  • Hand Made & Hand Finished
  • Inner Branding
  • Includes Good Art Baggie
  • Made in USA
  • Leather Width: 18mm
  • Overall Length from top of Leather to Clip: 5"