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Good Art

Good Art Conway Bracelet - Black


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This bracelet was designed to be a simple, lightweight, but detailed accessory. The buckle is a reversed Conway Buckle, with a center pin that does not move, giving the buckle a unique look once set.
The leather is Wicket & Craig's top grade bridal leather, veggie dyed, to produce a rich earth-tone that is sure to age well with regular wear.
The edges are burnished and both sides have been "laminated", it's more work but feels better on your wrist.

  • 925 Sterling Silver "Reverse Conway" Buckle
  • Wicket & Craig Grade #1 Bridal Leather
  • Hand Made & Hand Finished
  • Fully Burnished Edges
  • Detailed Branding on Buckle
  • Made in USA

Small: Measures 6.5" from the middle hole to the center post.
Medium: Measures 7.25" from the middle hole to the center post.
Large: Measures 8.25" from the middle hole to the center post.
Leather Width: 12mm
Buckle Length: 22mm