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Buzz Rickson

Buzz Rickson Wool Watch Cap - Navy


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This is the Buzz Rickson classic wool watch cap made to the same standards as they were produced in the 1940's. After some wear the difference between these and the modern mass produced ones is clearly apparent in the quality of the wool and construction.

A-4 caps were winter issue caps for USAAF airplane mechanics and ground crew in the 1940's. They were sometimes worn by elite U. S. Army paratroopers (who were transported to battle by USAAF aircrews in USAAF aircraft). The paratroopers often traded and/or sold some of their specialized items to the USAAF personnel in exchange for specialized USAAF items respective to the USAAF. Paratroopers liked the caps because they were thicker and heavier than the winter issue wool caps of the U. S. Army, thus they cushioned the head better when worn under the steel helmet if the paratrooper whacked his head during his jump.

  • 100% Worsted-Wool Yarn
  • Made in Japan by Buzz Rickson
  • Classic A-4 Repro
  • Navy