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Drift Magazine - Volume 1


Introducing Volume 1: New York. This issue contains New York stories told through its coffee and the people who drink it, from the American Revolutionary War to the present day, from Staten Island to the Bronx, and everywhere in between. For the first edition of Drift, we hear from dozens of coffee shop owners, streetcart vendors, historians, patrons, baristas, writers, and photographers about what it’s like to drink coffee in New York.

This inaugural issue of Drift includes:

La Cafetería: On the legacy of the Latin lunch counter in New York City.
Words from Dillon Edwards on founding Parlor Coffee.
For the Love of Porto Rico: How an Italian family founded and sustained a New York coffee empire for over a century.
A guide to Senegalese, Ethiopian, Sri Lankan, and Mexican brews in New York.
Profiles of New York streetcart coffee vendors.
A photo series dedicated to iconic New York diners.
Right to the City: A historian weighs in on third wave coffee and gentrification.
A look into the Pulley Collective, the influential rent-by-the-hour roastery, one year after it opened.
Death Before Decaf: Why decaffeinated coffee is derided among New York baristas.
And more...