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Papa Nui

Papa Nui South Pacific Cap - Off-White


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The Atoll Dispatches declare, 'Let's do more in '44'!! Far from the Atoll and far from the front lines the Papa embarks on his Victory Bond Drive.
Implored by the masses to produce a civilian cap for the home front, the Papa puts the corn in the can with the all new 'South Pacific'. A light weight natural back sateen cap, a manifest of the men of the battalion. Wear it with a swagger, go fish, go hike or in the words of Major Kong, "Shoot! A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas in this cap"

Sizes: Medium is 57-58cm and Large is 59-60cm.

To custom size your cap, we follow these methods:
To stretch, cold water soak then place over knee to vigorously pull and rotate until desired sizing is achieved, normally 1-1.5cm.
To shrink, observe the Papa's pot cap soup method. Boil cap for 10 minutes, towel dry and check size, if extra shrinkage is desired place in hot clothes dryer. Maximum shrinkage is usually 1- 1.5cm.
These two tips will allow you to achieve extra sizing options outside of the medium and large size offering.

  • 100% Cotton Sateen
  • Contrast Olive Broadcloth Anti-Glare Under Visor
  • Rugged Herringbone Twill Sweat Band
  • Made in Japan