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Self Edge

Self Edge Silver Bracelet w/Buttons


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The Silver Bracelet with Buttons is sand cast. Two pieces of very fine stone (a soft stone named Tufa) are rubbed together until there is a flat surface. The design for the bracelet is carved out of one of the stones and then the two pieces are tied together and molten silver is poured between them. The resulting silver becomes a mold. Then they take a small wooden box and fill it with wet sand, press the silver mold into the sand to make an imprint, pull it and and put a flat Tufa stone on top of the box. Again, molten silver is poured into the crack between the two and the bracelet is cast. Many times the silversmith will smooth out the surface of the castings, but in this case we've left it slightly rough in some areas and shiny in others. He then bends the silver into the shape of the bracelet using a leather mallet and a steel axle to work it around.

The buttons are made with individual pieces of sheet silver, first stamped and then bent to create the round effect.

The top piece (button) is made by putting small round pieces of sheet silver on a piece of steel where the silversmith has drilled out rounded holes. The silver is placed over the holes and pounded with a round headed steel awl until the round piece of silver is in the shape of a dome. He takes two of these, solders them together and adds the extra silver on the edge, then solders the beads to the bracelet.

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Sand Cast
  • Produced by WBegay (Silversmith since 1969, Navajo)
  • Fully Adjustable (Fits every wrist size)