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Fine Creek Leathers

Fine Creek Shinki Horsehide Jacket - Anderson Brown


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Size 3840424446
Vertical Length24"25"25.75"26.75"27.5"
Sleeve Length25.5"26"26.75"26.5"27.75"
Shoulder Width17.5"18"19"20"20.5"

Fine Creek makes some of the most beautiful horsehide jackets we've seen. These are made using a vegetable tanned Japanese horsehide from Japan's famed Shinki Tannery, which ages in a fairly fast manner, and dyed using a "tea core" style method. The quality of stitching is as good as it gets for a leather jacket, and we've not seen many jackets age as well as these do. Depending on the panel they'll use a different type of stitch thread and thread count to achieve puckering in certain areas for added character.

Care: We recommend not doing much to these jackets outside of wearing them. The natural oils in this level of quality of horsehide is enough for quite a few years. At the most Fine Creek suggests to wipe down the jacket every few months with a damp soft towel, and once every couple of years to rub in some Mustang Paste leather conditioner into the jacket.

  • Shinki Produced Japanese Vegetable Tanned / Aniline Finished Horsehide
  • 1.3mm Thick Horsehide
  • Tea-Core Dyed Horsehide
  • Custom Fine Creek Leathers Shinki "Recipe"
  • Custom Tanning Recipe by Yoshikatsu Yamazaki
  • Waldes Belltype Zipper
  • Two Zippered hand Pockets
  • Cotton Lining
  • Made in Tokyo, Japan