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Buzz Rickson

Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1 Coat - Long


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Size 3638404244
Vertical Length25"26"27.2"28"29"
Sleeve Length24.5"25.5"26.5"26.8"27.3"
Shoulder Width17.5"18"19"20"21"

The U. S. Air Force MA-1 Intermediate Flying Jacket was introduced as a descendant of the "modified" B-15D Flying Jacket in 1957. These early MA-1 jackets were made of a grayish shade of sage green heavy nylon twill fabric, warmly lined with woolen fiber filling sandwiched between the outer nylon shell and the sage green inner nylon lining. Later MA-1"s produced in the 1960"s declined in quality and warmth and featured a reversible orange lining. Buzz Rickson has offered an absolutely magnificent copy of the first-pattern MA-1 Flying Jacket ever since they began making historical clothing in 1994.

Early in 2003, best-selling novelist William Gibson released a groundbreaking new book by the name of "Pattern Recognition". This novel is set in the period immediately following "9-11", featuring a high-tech, super-hip, cyber-chic, anti-fashion marketing agent, Cayce Pollard, as the heroine. Woven within the many pages of cutting-edge writing Mr. Gibson has crafted is the one object more valued by Cayce Pollard than any other she owns" the Black Buzz Rickson MA-1 Flying Jacket.

William Gibson is an author of great talent and exceptionally good taste. Vintage clothing represents an area of personal interest to him, this especially includes wrist watches, MA-1 jackets, and the 1950 fishtail parka of the U. S. Army. He is a great admirer of the goods produced by Buzz Rickson, which is what provided the inspiration for the fictionalized Buzz Rickson Black MA-1 Jacket worn by this central character. Mysteriously, in the course of writing his novel, Mr. Gibson forgot that no MA-1"s were ever produced for the USAF in black.

The marketing team at Buzz Rickson in Japan was looking for a very unique and special item to acknowledge their tenth anniversary in 2004. Sometime in 2002, just as William Gibson was simultaneously giving life to the Buzz Rickson Black MA-1, Buzz Rickson was giving life to their tenth anniversary jacket - a special limited edition MA-1 fabricated in jet black.

Built with the same attention to detail that made Buzz Rickson a brand some Japanese customers wait well over a year to obtain and assembled out of authentic vintage-spec., we are happy to offer all those dedicated and uniquely anti-fashion fans of Pattern Recognition the Buzz Rickson Black MA-1. Buzz Rickson has agreed to use their 1957 Lion Uniform Company MA-1 as the basis for this garment, made with original spec. heavy nylon twill (but now in black), heavy-duty Crown?? zippers and devoid of any USAF markings other than the Buzz Rickson"s MA-1 spec. label in the lining, just as Cayce Pollard would have had it. Other than the color, this MA-1 is identical to the first-pattern MA-1 issued to the USAF, and exactly what William Gibson had in mind for Cayce. This MA-1 is a limited edition with finite stocks available.

  • Custom manufacturing of the correct weight and weave Black nylon outer and inner lining shell to precisely match 1957 USAF specs (treated to repel water)
  • Correct USAF spec. inner lining of warm wool fiber filling sandwiched between the outer and inner shell lining
  • Two snap-down exterior pockets lined with warm 80/20 wool-rayon fabric precisely matching 1957 USAF specs
  • Two snap-down interior pockets lined with heavy 100% cotton twill fabric precisely matching 1957 USAF specs
  • Exact copy of the heavy-duty 1953 Crown?? zippers on sleeve pocket and jacket front, with zip tape made of 100% cotton HBT fabric
  • Heavy all-cotton zipper pull tab designed for easy functioning with gloves
  • Heavy wind flap protector located behind zipper closure
  • Correct USAF spec. leather pull tab on sleeve pocket
  • Custom manufacturing of the correct, two-ply, 100% worsted wool knit collar, cuffs and waist skirt in Black
  • Heavy parachute harness nylon in Black correctly sewn to left front chest for attaching oxygen mask retainer clip
  • Two snap-down tabs (one on each breast) for retaining headset and microphone wiring leads, exactly as on original 1957 MA-1"s
  • Zippered pocket on left sleeve outfitted with four pen/pencil slots and two anti-puncture pencil caps made of 1945-spec. USAF brass