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Pure Blue Japan

Pure Blue Japan SR-019 18oz Super Rough Denim Jeans - Straight Tapered


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Size Chart

Size 3031323334363840
Leg Opening6.5"6.5"6.75"7"7"7.5"7.75"8"
Front Rise11"11"11.25"11.5"11.75"12"12.25"12.75"
Back Rise14.75"15"15.25"15.5"15.5"16"16.25"16.5"

The most impressive denim we've seen from PBJ in quite some time is here. This 18oz denim is woven at a very low tension with a super short staple cotton, giving the fabric extreme character. These feel and look amazing even when new and are sure to look insane with some wear.

Disclaimer: These jeans are made of unsanforized denim but have gone through a special rinse process we developed with Pure Blue Japan which is exclusive to Self Edge. The jeans have been lightly soaked inside out in warm water then air dried; there is minimal shrinkage left in the denim while the jean still feels rigid due to the "at home" style rinse process. These jeans have not gone through any industrial washing or drying processes.

  • 100% Cotton 18oz PBJ Original Japanese Slub Denim Unsanforized Selvedge Denim (SExPBJ Rinse)
  • 100% Cotton Thread Constructional Threads
  • Pure Indigo Dyed Warp Yarns
  • Deerskin Leather Patch
  • Iron Buttons
  • Straight Tapered Fit
  • Made In Japan
  • Exclusive Self Edge Rinse Process (no shrinkage, at home style pre-soak already done for you)