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Stevenson Overall Co.

Stevenson 150 Encinitas Jeans - Classic Straight Leg


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Size Chart

Size 2930313233343638
Leg Opening8.4"8.4"8.5"8.6"8.75"9"9"9"
Front Rise11.25"11.5"11.6"12"12.25"12.5"13"13.5"
Back Rise15.25"15.25"15.75"16.25"16.25"16.5"16.8"17"

These are made out of Stevenson's unsanforized loomstate 13oz Japanese selvedge denim then factory rinsed to get rid of most of the shrinking properties of the fabric then single-needle stitched throughout. The denim used on this jean is an original fabric developed by Stevenson Overall Company for their line of jeans and woven by Okayama's famed Kuroki denim mill. Even the thread used is developed for their jeans by Okayama's oldest thread producing factory, from the outside it looks and ages like a 100% cotton thread but is strong so that the jean lasts for a longer period of time.

The entire jean is single needle sewn which is nearly unheard of on a jean in this price range, it's truly a work of art to see.

  • 13oz Rope Dyed Unsanforized (but rinsed) Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • 6.5 Gauge Warp and Weft Threads
  • Mixed Staple Length Zimbabwe Cotton
  • Pure Indigo Dyed
  • Single Needle Stitched
  • Denim Woven on Vintage Toyoda Looms by Kuroki Co., Ltd. in Okayama
  • Original Fabric for Stevenson Overall Company
  • UJ Core Stitching (Cotton Thread w/ Poly Core) Produced by Ujiyo Bussan in Okayama
  • Hand-Made Belt Loops (not made on a belt loop making machine)
  • Made in Japan
  • Straight Leg Fit
  • Medium Rise
  • Rinsed (Shrinkage is minimal if cold washed and air/line dried)