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Samurai ZERO FABRIC T-Shirt - Natural


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Vertical Length25.5"27"28"29.5"30"
Sleeve Length6.75"7"7.5"7.75"8.25"
Shoulder Width16"17"17.75"18.5"19"

Samurai has done the unthinkable. In 2010 they bought a small farm outside Osaka, Japan, with the hopes they would be able to grow their own cotton with the intention of one day being able to make garments made of their own cotton, as in a truly vertically made garment. After eleven years they’ve been able to grow enough cotton to make t-shirts and of course they’re as beautiful as the story behind them. The cotton is minimally processed in very small batches without the use of any harsh cleaning or whitening agents, also all fractured cotton seeds and all staple lengths are left in the cotton during the carding and spinning process for a truly unique fabric. We can really say we’ve never felt or seen a cotton jersey like this from any company.

The Samurai Cotton Farm even has its own Instagram account:

Cotton Grown in Sasayama, Hyogo, Japan
Knit in Wakayama, Japan
Sewn in Kyoto, Japan

  • Samurai In-House Grown Cotton
  • 100% Cotton Constructional Threads
  • Triple-Needle Binder Neck Collar
  • 1960's Union Special Flat Seamer 36200 Construction
  • Rinsed
  • Made in Japan